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Hi, I’m Ted Werth. I write about life. Things I know, things I wished I knew long ago and things I expect to know some day.

I strive to teach and inspire through my writing. I do this by using facts as well as specific life examples. I think it would be pretty cool to write an allegory; I have a couple of ideas.

I post 1-2 times a week depending on how much time I have available.  You will find posts in four main categories.

  • “Werth reading” – This is a play on my last name, inspired by a Lynn Johnston drawing you can see here. Johnston is the creator of the cartoon strip For Better or Worse. My goal is to inspire you to take a fresh look at the thing we call life and consider how you can proactively find, and pursue, your life dreams.
  • Current Events – This could cover any current news event. Although I am a strong believer in free markets, personal responsibility and limited government, my greatest concern is for the world we leave behind for our children. As such, blogs under this topic will mostly concern information about the future impact of current political policy.   I work really hard to keep it concise and understandable and hope you will  learn something new as a result.
  • Reviews – I’m a gadget geek.  I admit this weakness.  Occasionally I will review a product that might serve to inspire your inner-geek. I also like to read and will post book reviews under this heading.
  • Oregon Ducks – I’m a big sports fan. In particular a fan of the St Louis Cardinals Baseball team and anything Oregon Ducks. I’ve written for the sports website FishDuck in the past.  Occasionally I’ll write about the Oregon Ducks.

I enjoy it when you take the time to comment.  I try to respond to each one.  You can comment at the bottom of each blog post.  You can also use the icons at the bottom of each post to share via email, Facebook or Twitter. All bloggers love it when their writing is shared.  Do this and you will be promoted to the top of my fan club. Ok, there isn’t a fan club.  But if you want to send me $29.95 you can be the first premier member.

If you would rather not comment publicly you can also contact me through email. I will do my best to respond.

Blogger, geek, and a fan of Apple Products.  Inspired by nature. Awed by God’s creation. Married, Christian and father of two; a daughter and son, both in college.

Thanks for stopping by.