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Facebook - Protect Your PrivacyFacebook can either be a useful way to share information and stay in contact with friends or the biggest time waster.  It can also be something more sinister;  an easy way to have your private information displayed all over the internet.

It seems like every time you make changes to keep your Facebook information private Facebook changes the game and you are at risk again.

Protect your phone number on Facebook — It was recently discovered that due to a security hole that your personal Facebook information could be found by strangers simply by randomly searching phone numbers.

Protect your profile from Google Search and other search engines — If you don’t make sure you have your Facebook privacy set correctly your personal information and timeline could be available to anyone searching the internet with Google or other similar search engines.

To protect your Privacy you need to change a couple of settings. Here is how to change these settings.

To protect your phone, email and profile find and click the small gear symbol in the top right of your Facebook page.  Once that is done, select Privacy Settings and a new screen will open up.  Select edit for the items show as 1 and 2 in the image below.  Then set each item to Friends.

One you have done that you will be protected again.  It may take some time for the search engines to drop your information but it should eventually happen.

Now that your privacy it protected again, have fun with Facebook, in moderation of course.