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Word is out that Chip Kelly and the Philadelphia Eagles will attempt to sign former Duck Dennis Dixon who currently is on the Baltimore Ravens practice squad.  For my friends who are into the NFL Fantasy League scene — and you know who you are — here is a tip for you.  If Dixon winds up in Philadelphia next year grab him early in your draft — he will be a bargain.

Some people think I see everything through glasses with green lens.  Not so. I just suspect that many people forget how good Dennis Dixon was in the quick passing, read-option scheme like Chip Kelly likes to run.  Until his late season injury he was a lock for the Heisman Trophy.I’ve been watching Duck QB’s since the Dan Fouts era – I only vaguely remember Fouts –when I was 12 years old.  Of all the QB’s I’ve always believed that A.J. Feely was the most accurate passer to put on a Duck uniform. A lingering sore elbow required him to sit out a few games half-way through his Junior year. Joey Harrington stepped in and A.J. never started another game for Oregon. Yet he has had the longest NFL career in the post Dan Fouts era.

Back to the subject at hand though. Dennis Dixon, in my mind, is the second best passer to wear a Duck uniform. He edges out Akili Smith by a hair. Akili had the stronger arm but Dixon, in a quick read offense was more accurate.

Chip Kelly has a strange philosophy when it comes to his QB’s and offense. He has said that all passes should be released within 1.5 seconds because that is how long it takes the fastest NFL defensive end to get to the QB.  By Chip Kelly’s way of thinking, all sacks are the fault of the QB because he failed to deliver the ball quickly enough.

Dennis Dixon is perfect for Chip Kelly’s system. He knows his offense. He is an excellent runner although he rarely ran when he was a Duck.  Chip Kelly wants a passer who CAN run, but rarely does. He should run just enough so that the defense has to worry about it. Once that happens there is one less defender to cover everyone else.

I’ve watched so many football games in person that it is really hard to fool me in regards to who has the ball. Dennis Dixon did it on a regular basis. He is that good at the read option. In a system requiring quick reads and quick delivery of the ball Dixon is as good as it gets.

My prediction is if Dixon winds up at Philadelphia he will thrive.  He will run about 3 times a game and slide to avoid hits.  He will fool the defense with his hand-offs and will prove to frustrate them with his quick and accurate passing.

Figure that by the end of the 2014 season that Dennis Dixon will be in the Pro-Bowl.  Unless of course he is in the Super Bowl.