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The days are getting shorter and Fall is in the air. That means its time for Football.

The Oregon Duck’s redshirt freshman quarterback, Marcus Mariota, will be a sensation. Why? I expect him to be one of the most accurate passers that will have ever played at Oregon. Secondly, his passing will be in stark contrast to Oregon’s last quarterback. Daron Thomas was an excellent decision maker — a mediocre thrower. In addition, Mariota is fast enough to beat most defenders in a foot race. It may not happen in the first game but I expect heads to be turning by the third week.

Autzen Stadiaum

How good was Oregon’s last recruiting class? A team that ranks #4 preseason has 5 true freshman on their two deep roster.

Two freshman you will want to look for. Defensive Lineman Arik Armstedt.

Arik Armstedt

When Haloti Ngata is impressed you should be too. Soft spoken, Arik is 6-8 and weighs 295 lbs. He can dunk and will be playing for the Ducks basketball team next Winter.

Bralon Addison is the true freshman I expect to have the most success. Look for Oregon to throw the ball to him where he can operate in the open field. He will make a lot of defenders look bad before the season is over.

Oregon’s final record? Hard to say. It is not easy to avoid stumbling along the way. I’d be very surprised if they go into their bowl game with more than two losses. It will also be very hard to beat USC twice.

Speaking of USC, I fully expect the Trojans to lose to a team not named Oregon. That has always been their history, including last year when they stumbled at Arizona State. Regardless, I expect there to be a really big buildup to the November 2nd game between Oregon and USC. It could very well be #1 against #2.

Last year USC played a near perfect game in Eugene for 3 quarters then, hung on for dear life hoping the clock would run out before their lead did. Oregon made some uncharacteristic mistakes during that game and still was within a dropped pass of taking a 4 point lead with less than 2 minutes in the game. USC has a great first sting and only a “very-good” second string, mostly due to inexperience. Although the game is at USC, I expect it will be close into the 3rd quarter before Oregon pulls away to win by 14+.

For a great preview of what’s to come, and to learn just what makes the Oregon offense click, check out this video from