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I have mixed feelings on this Memorial Day. In a few short days I’ll get my Marine back after four years of service. It was late Sunday before Memorial Day 2008 that I hugged my daughter goodbye one last time before she was whisked off to Paris Island, SC for Marine Bootcamp. Now, four years later she will have finished her active duty and will return home for a break before heading off to school. We plan to have a celebration on her return.

And while this is a cause for joy, I also realize that there are those who never return home.


When I contemplate those who gave their life in duty to our country, I really have no words. No expression of thanks seems adequate. Two years ago when attempting to write about Memorial Day I ran into the same problem. How do you put into words, what there are no words for.

The Oregon war memorials are across the street from my office and I walk there on occasion. And I contemplate the sacrifice of those who died. Lacking words, I decided I would create a video to honor fellow Oregonians who have died in our most recent wars. You can see it below.

I hope that on this day you have the opportunity to spend some quite time in giving thanks to those who gave the ultimate sacrifice.

I’m glad my daughter is coming home, yet still sad for the families of those lost. For me the words have never been more true; while all gave some, some gave all.


Click here for Video

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