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Keurig Elite coffee machines are gaining in popularity. Cheryl and I recently bought one.

When I was growing up it was a routine to sit down to a family dinner every night. After the meal was finished it was time to sit and visit around the table with a fresh cup of coffee. In those days that meant a fresh percolated coffee from a Corning pyrex coffee pot boiled on the stove.

There have been a lot of innovations since then. Every thing from coffee in tea bags to that awful instant coffee in a jar. But one thing has remained constant for 35 years now, the basic Mr Coffee Style drip coffee maker has dominated kitchen counters across America.

Recently I noticed a new kid on the block. The Keurg Elite single cup brewer. The Keurig Elite is a coffee machine that you fill up with water. When you want a cup you just drop in a prepackaged K Cup of your choice, set your cup on the platform, push the brew button and in one minute you have a fresh cup-o-joe!

Here were my impressions before purchase:

  • Convenient.
  • Fast.
  • Single serve was attractive since there are just two of us.
  • Nice variety of coffees. If Cheryl wanted flavored and I just wanted strong we could both have our choice.
  • The thing seemed really big!
  • Expensive. Numbers are always running though my head and this seemed like a really expensive option. About 50¢ a cup.

After 4 months I can say I’m really happy with the purchase. First off let me say we chose the Keurig Elite model which normally sells for $119 and comes with a variety of cups to get you started. We found a 20% off coupon at Bed, Bath and Beyond and saved about $25.

There is a smaller model for less but it had two drawbacks for me. The water reservoir was small. I didn’t see myself filling up the reservoir every 3-4 cups as much of a convenience. Secondly, It takes twice as long for each cup to brew. Uh, the idea was COFFEE NOW! So I knew that wasn’t going to work.

Here are my thoughts after four months.

  • I love it! Don’t know how we got along without it.
  • I’m really glad we didn’t get the small size with the small reservoir.
  • I love the variety of coffee choices. You can have what ever flavor you are in the mood for.
  • If the power has been off, it takes about 2 minutes to to heat up water for the first cup.
  • It only takes about 10 seconds after a cup is done before it is ready to start the next cup.
  • We no longer have partial pots of coffee left over.
  • Unless you like moderately weak coffee buy K Cups that say Extra Bold on the package.
  • Personally I really like the various Tully’s brand cups.

A few tips.

  • Tea bags are really economical. For a quick cup of tea run the Keurig without a K Cup (empty) and bingo, instant hot water, instant hot tea.
  • Slide out the bottom cup-shelf; you can now brew right into your tall sized travel mug.
  • If you are old school and still want your Folgers coffee you can buy Folgers K-Cups online or, uh, how should I say this, in stores that cater to older shoppers. In my area that is Roth’s.
  • Cost is not as expensive as it seems. I did an experiment. The typical self grind specialty coffees you see in the grocery stores wind up costing you about 30¢ a cup.
  • The really good news, I found a way to refill and reuse the cups.

Have you considered purchasing a Keurig? Do you have a tip to share?

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