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By Ted Werth

“One of the common failings among honorable people is a failure to appreciate how thoroughly dishonorable some other people can be, and how dangerous it is to trust them” ~ Thomas Sowell

Imagine for a moment that Carbon Dioxide (CO2) had zero impact on the environment. Would you approach life differently? Would you be more inclined to buy the vehicle you want, to turn up the gas heat as much as you want?

Would you consider buying expensive solar panels for your house if you knew they would never ever save you enough money to pay for themselves? Would you be inclined to reduce your food, clothing and housing spending so you could pay cap and trade taxes to government.

Probably not. Well here is the truth. The theory of man-made global warming is a fraud. Emails of the experts confirm that it is about politics. It is not based on real science, but on corrupted science that cherry picks its data, keeps that data from review and if necessary destroys the data. It is flat out fraud designed to play on your emotions and fears in order to control your personal freedom; to take your money and to transfer it to a handful of organizations, governments, companies and individuals.

Since no one would agree to this without a reason, science has been perverted to create a false need to ‘save the earth.’ Nonsense. We now have the final evidence needed to topple this house of cards. Additional evidence comes from the emails of so called scientists who have been treated by media and government as the leading experts. These emails and documents have been provided to the world by a whistle blower and have now been acknowledged as authentic.

Here is some of what we know so far:

  • In at least several cases these scientists destroyed the data that they used to created the “science” of global warming. These are the data sets that all climatologists accept as the basis of their work. Their emails urged each other to delete emails and data to protect it from freedom-of-information requests.
  • The data that was used to create the data-sets that are used by all global warming scientists was destroyed years ago. So the only “data” available is that “created” by these few scientists. Using methods that they won’t share and can’t be verified by other scientists since, you guessed it, they are not sharing their methods.
  • That much of the early history of earth temperatures was “determined” using tree ring data from 1,100 year old trees in Siberia. From hundreds of tree samples the researcher chose, first 12 trees, then 10 trees and by 1998 only only 5 trees. The growth rings from these five trees supposedly provided a perfect record of increasing temperatures. The theory is that the rings are further apart in warm years. However it is now known that these trees were seemingly selected to provide the pattern that would “prove” the theory of global warming. After several years, the data from dozens of other trees show a completely different record then the five used by climatologists. In other words they had a theory and searched for a few trees whose rings happened to look like what they wanted to prove. They tossed out the data from the other trees since they contradicted the results they wanted. Finally, these emails show that tree ring data for the last 20 years doesn’t track with global warming predictions so they dropped tree ring data analysis for the last 20 years from their data sets.
  • Since 1998 world-wide human produced CO2 has increased by 26%. Yet world temperatures have fallen. You might have noticed that this inconvenient truth has lead the global warming crowd to start using the term “climate change”
  • That these handful of scientists plotted to exclude “doubters” from providing peer review of their studies. In other words, only those who were on the global warming band wagon were allowed to review, and verify, their work.
  • That they threatened scientific publications that printed research by those who contradicted the idea that factors beyond the control of man determine the earths temperature.

Two things told me, long ago, that this whole idea was a fraud. First, I’ve observed nature close up over the years and the idea that man has the power to destroy the earth is about as likely as man being able to build a tower (of babel) to heaven. The idea that using incandescent light bulbs is going to melt the polar ice caps is, well delusional. Secondly, by observing the political leanings of those most closely associated with the global warming industry it is apparent that this is about politics, not science. Socialists, Marxists and internationalists run deep. Former Soviet President Mikael Gorbachev, after moving to San Francisco, promptly joined the Green Party.