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Most people think of an inheritance as the money you are left by parents. While that may be true, the most important inheritance we receive is what was given to us as an example of how to live life. I’ve given some thought to that recently. My family has given me a rich inheritance. I was given a good work ethic by my father, taught to believe in myself by my mother. I have an older brother and two older sisters. My brother taught me about standing up for what is fair and right and the rewards of giving time to children. My oldest sister taught me about the importance of supporting each others efforts and my other sister taught me that it is always ok to have some fun! Of course the things I learned are many more then just that short list but those are things that come to mind that I can tie to specific events in my memory and they have made a lifelong impression on me.

I have a younger brother also. Hopefully I was able to pass down some good things to him as well. I guess we don’t seem to think of learning from those younger, especially when we are in those early years of life. But that doesn’t diminish his role either. My younger brother was my best friend growing up. The memories of the time we spent with each other hiking, rafting, building dams across streams while camping will always be with me. And I certainly can’t forget the time we tossed fire crackers into the stall of some poor victim at that public restroom. We cried with laughter that day.

What inheritance will you leave? Maybe you didn’t have such encouraging support growing up. I work with foster kids and certainly understand that life can be really unfair. But all the more reason for you to pass on some positive traits that you were denied. It’s never to late to make a difference.