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I’m not sure if it is the spring time changes or something else but it has been especially hard having Lisa so far away recently. There are constant reminders about her everywhere I turn. There is the stuffed robin that sings. Just like the one that used to perch outside our window and start his singing at 4:30 every morning. I know he did it just to drive me crazy. I wanted to make a stuffed version out of the original but Lisa bought the plush version from the Audubon Society in hopes it would end my search for Tim’s old BB gun. The stuffed Robin sits on top of our coffee maker and on sunny mornings I will push his tail and he will sing a perfect rendition of the robin’s song. But instead of irritating me it makes me smile at Lisa’s sense of humor. It makes me sad with loneliness at the same time.

Last night I went with my brother, uncle and nephew to watch the baseball version of the civil war between the University of Oregon and Oregon State. I’ve been a big fan of the Oregon Ducks since my Dad took me to a football game at age 11. Anyway, it was initially a miserable evening for baseball and what can only be described as a squall that sent the grounds crew running for their field tarps delayed the game by an hour. Once the game started, the rains departed and we were left to huddle in 40 degree weather. How do I know? The big thermometer in centerfield was a constant reminder. But it didn’t stop what turned out to be a great extra inning game. Even the Dippin’ Dot’s vendor stuck with things hoping that he could sell just one frozen treat. But what caught my eye was the vendor going up and down our isle with large sticks full of multi-colored cotton candy. I can’t help but think of Lisa every time I see cotton candy. It was always a favorite of hers as a little girl. Even choosing a potato chip sized bag of the nasty stuff when she could have chosen any candy bar she wanted.
Lisa plans to be home on leave in July. Her good friend is getting married then and her Dad turns an amazing 50 years old the same week. It will be a great time but July never seemed so far away.